Unmatched Hospitality in Providence, Rhode Island

The innkeepers of the Christopher Dodge House, Ken and Phyllis Parker and Frank and Monica Hopton, have a total of 100 years of innkeeping experience among them. Our family began as innkeepers in 1982 when Ken and Phyllis moved to Nantucket Island full time and developed a commercial office property into a 7-room guest house with a 2 bedroom apartment and several small shops. This inn was appropriately named “The Parker House,” which caused a larger hotel of the same name in Boston to threaten us with a lawsuit unless we changed the name (smile). We compromised by renaming it “The Parker Guest House”, which made the lawyers go away. Our daughter, Monica, and her husband Frank, operated the guest house early in their marriage and acquired a fondness for the hospitality business during this experience.

The next nineteen years on Nantucket produced several other inns and properties such as the Tuckernuck Inn (and American Bounty Restaurant located within), Seven Sea Street Inn, and the Nantucket Breeze Condominiums. All have been sold except for Seven Sea Street Inn, which is owned and managed by son, Matt Parker. In fact it’s the only job Matt has ever had as he came to Nantucket after graduation from WPI in 1985, took over as innkeeper of Seven Sea Street in 1987 and has been there ever since.

Frank & Monica became the innkeepers of the State House Inn in 1991, located in the same RI State Capitol area as Christopher Dodge House, until 2007 when it was sold. Monica remained as one of the innkeepers of Christopher Dodge House, along with Ken & Phyllis, until the present. Frank Hopton opened his own business as a home inspector at that time but remains on call in emergencies.

Clearly, Christopher Dodge House has benefitted from a wealth of bed and breakfast experience, which has been supplemented by a wonderful staff of dedicated employees, some of whom have been with the inn for 10 years or more. Servicing our guests at Christopher Dodge House is more than a job for us, it’s our career.